Pemaquid Mussel Farms was formed in 2007…

with the purpose of growing high quality, raft cultured mussels along the coast of Maine using sustainable and innovative aquaculture techniques. It is an owner-operated company, with a management team in marine biology, ocean engineering, boat building, mussel aquaculture and seafood sales. We are hoping to expand to a million pounds per year based on the success of our new submersible mussel raft and with improved efficiencies in processing at sea.

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Locally and Sustainably Grown Mussels

Our rafts are located in Lincoln County (Damariscotta River), Waldo County (Belfast Bay), and Hancock County (Stonington and Lamoine) on aquaculture lease sites. Mussels are harvested, washed, graded, debyssed, inspected, purged, bagged, tagged and iced during each harvest day, and shipped in red, white and blue 10 lb. bags for the restaurant trade. PMF prides itself in producing high quality, nutritious, locally and sustainably grown mussels for Maine and Northeast U.S.  We distribute twice a week to over 40 restaurants in mid-coast Maine and a dozen wholesalers.

The Finest Mussels Available

Pemaquid Mussel Farm mussel meat yields average 35-50% throughout the year, which makes them meatier than wild mussels and bottom cultured mussels, the shells are thinner, and they have no objectionable pearls.  We believe they are the finest available.

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Mussel Company Applies Latest Research

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Mussel Company Applies Latest Research

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